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If video games aren’t art, explain this???

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Every artist who sees this post should do the following:

- Watch the video.

- Follow the instructions

- Reblog

I can’t stress you enough about how important these exercises are for your drawing hand. You don’t wanna get CTS of Tendonitis and similar stuff that will prevent you from making art or even hold  a pencil.

Okay, this guy is my HERO. I just did these exercises as I watched the video, and already my arms and hands feel better. I have a degenerative tendon disease that prevents my muscles, tendons and ligaments from retaining their elasticity, and so anything that maintains the health of my bendy parts is important.

I URGE YOU. Even if you don’t draw, do these several times a day. Even just sitting at a computer can do serious damage. My dad, who was a rugby player, a carpenter, and now a handyman, suffered from severe carpal tunnel syndrome, simply as a result of sitting at the computer at the end of the day to play a little solitaire. Don’t let it happen to you!

((Guys, I will reblog this like, 5 times a day just so you all will see this. This is REALLY helpful, and it’s quick and easy.))

Wow, these are REALLY helpful. And yes, this is not just good but IMPORTANT for more than artists — if you type a lot, play a lot of video games, do anything that requires lots of repetitive movements of your hands, wrists, and arms (gardening, sewing, factory work), these can help. Even if you don’t yet get pain these are a great preventative measure, because the damage builds up over time. Youth is no protection.

And like he says, you should feel a stretch, but don’t push it too far!

Signal boosting.  Guys, I just did this and holy cow do I feel incredibly light and limber in my arms.  Again, even if you don’t have any sort of disease, do this as a preventative measure.


Thank you, that’s helpful. My mother has the CTS on both of her hands. I think sooner or later I will get it too. I will do those stretches daily from now on!!

Vote for Free! in the MTV Fandom Contest



Guys, so somehow Free! made it the semi finals of MTV’s little contest and I for one would find it hilarious if we won. So if you could spare a moment to vote that would be pretty sweet.

Friendly Reminder that the voting period ends in a day! Also some clarifications!. 

In order to vote you have to have an account with MTV. I made one with one of my spare email accounts it took like five seconds. Once you do that you can vote as many times as you want. So I’ve just left the site open and been spamming it every now and then. 

But yeah, Free! won the animation Category (meaning it beat Family Guy, Adventure time and even Attack on Titan) and is guaranteed at least fourth place in this entire contest. 

That being said, having them win the entire thing would literally be the most amazing thing. Imagine them having to announce a swimming show from japan as the winner. And then showing clips of it. On TV. I need this you guys. 

So yeah, thats what this is about! Good luck everybody! 

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